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Maintenance and improvement of groups, workshops etc.

Our goal is to support and improve out-of-school education by assisting in the development; create additional opportunities for spiritual, intellectual and physical development of individuals wishing to obtain out-of-school education.

Foundation "Treasures of the Nation" is looking for benefactors to:

- identify talented young people and create conditions for their development;

- provide access to children and youth from low-income families, orphanages to quality out-of-school education through the development of a network of clubs, art groups, workshops and so on;

- Ensure modernization of educational, material and technical base of out-of- school educational institutions, equipping them with modern equipment, tools, materials for work;

- carry out repairs of buildings and equipment of out-of-school educational institutions in need.

If you would like to help the development of this program, follow here.

If you are a curator of children and/or youth workshop, and believe that its activities bring benefits and you need help - contact us using information on the site or fill special contact form.

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