Providing schools with the necessary equipment.

The main goal of the program is to make lessons and learning in general more interesting by providing schools with necessary and additional equipment. Lately encouraging level to learning is very low. One of the reasons of this phenomenon is not interesting lessons at schools. Children get just theory from teachers, agree – it's not interesting. Such subjects as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science without practical training with real, exciting experiments will never attract the attention of students. In most cases it is not the fault of teachers. Main problem is a lack of necessary equipment and materials. Funding schools from the state has significantly decreased over the past few years. If to consider current events in Ukraine, significant changes in the budget for the education development are impossible for years. All hopes are for NGOs, philanthropists and parents.

Charitable foundation "Treasures of the Nation" is beginning to raise funds for equipment and materials necessary for full education of children. We believe that interesting practical lessons will encourage children to learning and self-development, and give a thorough knowledge of a particular subject.

If you support our idea and want to help, follow "How to help" or contact us using information on the site.

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