Course on Health


Course on Health

Physical health is a key to healthy morality.

Folk wisdom says - "healthy mind – in a healthy body". Physical development of young people during the formation of the body is a very important thing. And, unfortunately, with the emersion of modern gadgets and computer games kids forget about sports and other entertainment outdoors. Their consciousness is fully transferred to virtual reality, where they spend their childhood. You can rarely see young people playing on the streets, riding bikes or simply running in the yard. Basically it depends on the parents who allow their children to spend most free time with the computer or other mobile gadgets.

Low level of encouraging children to sport at local level is also an important factor why children prefer virtual world. Low level of promotion of healthy lifestyle has led to the fact that young people do not understand why they need to exercise and spend more time outdoors.

Therefore, the Foundation "Treasures of the Nation" starts the program "Course on health." The aim is to encourage children to a healthy lifestyle. This program will include:
- promoting healthy lifestyle among junior and secondary schools;
- training for children about leading healthy lifestyle;
- conduction of competitions among children, schools, sports clubs with prize funds.
We believe that if young people are properly informed about what a healthy lifestyle is and have an opportunity to develop in this direction, they will eventually follow our initiative.

If you would like to join this program, follow "How to help" link.


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