Visit to Pidhirtsivska special boarding school 18.04.15

On Saturday, April 18 Foundation "Treasures of the Nation" visited KO ENT "Pidhirtsivska special boarding school of I-III levels", located in Stryiskyi district of Lviv region. The educational institution functionates for social assistance and rehabilitation of children with visual impairments, and children with impaired physical and mental development.

Teaching staff headed by the director Senka Yaroslav warmly greeted their guests. We had a tour around the school and a meeting with pupils, where we had an opportunity to talk with kids and learn about their needs and range of interests. It is pleasant to note that all children are very polite, but childly lively. Despite the plight they have their hobbies, to which they pay a lot of their free time. Our Foundation handed stuff and sweets that were collected by the charity Action for children. Basically, among stuff there were sports oriented products (football, volleyball, basketball and other ball, tennis and badminton rackets, ropes, punching bag, frisbee, etc.), educational games and puzzles.

We would like to tell a wonderful story, part of which we have became. On our way to school, in Stryy, Ms. Svitlana joined us. She was the one who not only observed how our Action passes, but also strongly helped with its realization. She was looking forward to the day of the visit of the orphanage because she has a little friend living there. Because of the illness of Mrs. Svitlana little son they were lying in a hospital room with one of the inmates of Pidhirtsivska school. During treatment the boy became friends with the family and waited for a new meeting, which took place yesterday.

Our Foundation sincerely thanks to all those who contributed and helped in our Action, namely to:
- workers of Leoni plant (Stryy), including technical warehousing department (LAWI), accounting department (FIBU), the IT department (IM), HR department (PA) and controlling department;
- Ms. Mariana;
- Svitlana Ilnytska;
- Christina Zhuk.

We want to give a special to Roman Melnyk, who organized fundraising and joined the trip.

Thanks to all these people we took our trip. We are pleased to see that even in this difficult time for the country there are people who are willing to help others.

Photoreport of the trip

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