A trip to Zhuravno

On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, Treasures of the Nation сharitable foundation visited Children's tuberculosis sanatorium in Zhuravno village, Zhydachiv district, Lviv Region. The sanatorium complex strikes at first sight.

On its territory there is an ancient palace and park, in the middle of which a rare size oak tree grows of about 400 years old. About 100 children from different cities and regions of Ukraine live and study in the sanatorium. The atmosphere of friendship and fraternal love reigns around.

It is impossible to describe how much children were glad to see us. Their eyes expressed gratitude for attention and gifts they received from you, dear Benefactors!

Children received sweets, clothes, toys, shoes, gloves, overalls, soccer uniforms and hygiene products, but what is more important they received lots of positive emotions! We give our sincere thanks to our Benefactors (Oksana Nykolaichuk, Polina Okopna, Mr. Oksana (France), Mrs. Anna (Stryj), Mr. Nikolay (Stryi), Mrs. Anna Hrytsa (Oleksychi), and many others) for the opportunity to organize a day of happiness for children. We believe that there will be a lot of such trips and hope you support them, but also join us in these trips to share our love to children.

Let's help Together!

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