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The Visit to the Orphanage in Boryslav

On the 17th of October the members of our fund and volunteers visited the children’s home “Oriana” in Boryslav with charitable purpose. We handed presents to the children, held a master class and treated them to tasty home-made baking and just enjoyed their time.

The director and the workers of the children’s house heartily welcomed their guests, carried out excursion about the house, told us the history of the establishment and acquainted us with their charges. At first the children did not feel at home in our presence, they were examining us without saying a word but after the introductory speech of Head of the Fund and the short introduction of all the volunteers, they became more communicative and started introducing themselves – saying their age and speaking about their hobbies. We cannot help mentioning here that the children have a wide range of interests – drawing, athletics and music. The boys gladly demonstrated their abilities – we saw somerset and walking on the hands.

After such a merry introduction all of them sat down to do different interesting tasks. The volunteers were teaching them how to make pedestals for photos, from pinoplast, taught them how to decorate the basic part with threads, ribbons, flowers and shells. Our young friends attended to all the instructions and fulfilled them diligently and willingly. They were constantly helping each other and continued telling us about themselves. We were happy to hear that the children had high hopes concerning the future but we were very sorry to hear the details from the history of their childhood. But as the proverb says, every cloud has a silver lining. We are unable to change anything in their miserable experience of their former life but we are able to help them to feel themselves better. We can give them our care and warmheartedness and also unforgettable warm emotions. Just this we did or at least were trying to do. When we were treating them to some tasty things they were beyond themselves with joy. They mostly liked very tasty cakes baked for specially them by Olenka and her friends. And we as well as all the children say special thank you to her.

Having eaten all this the children started examining their presents – clothes, stationery, toys, etc. Many gifts were presented according to their hobbies. For one, those who are fond of drawing were presented with albums, paints, pencils and markers.

The joy in children’s eyes was a good reward for everything we were doing. We will keep on the organization of such events and our Charitable Foundation “Treasures of the Nation” will always try to warm the children’s hearts with our love.

Thanks to you all! Let’s help the children together!



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