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Help for Low-Income Families


Unfortunately, low-income families in our country are not uncommon. The standard of living in Ukraine is extremely small for many years. People have not enough money to take care of their families, not even talk about good education for children, additional educational workshops and sports sections.

Unfortunately, this problem won't be solved in the nearest time. Therefore, the Foundation " Treasures of the Nation" will help children from low-income families. This help provides support for cultural, mental and physical development of children and young people in general, namely:

       - financial support for children from low-income families who wish to attend various workshops and educational groups;

       - encouraging children to develop themselves, additional studying, which will be interesting for them;

       - support existing groups/workshops and/or establishing new ones.

Each child wants to grow, learn something new, gain new skills and if he or she does not get that opportunity, they begin to look for alternative ways of time-spending which often lead to degradation. We believe if all children have an opportunity to develop, get necessary knowledge and skills, then as a result we will obtain highly intelligent, educated and (the most important) conscious younger generation. They are the ones who will build our country in couple years.

If you support our idea and want to help, follow "How to help" or contact us using information on the site.




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