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02.22.15. Trip to an orphanage in Zhuravno village

Dear friends!

On February, 22, charitable foundation "Treasures of the Nation" is planning a trip to an orphanage in Zhuravno village.

In this orphanage there are children from 6 to 14 years, who were left without family for various reasons. All the time children stay within the orphanage and miss external communication. Children dressed and fed, but they lack for simple children's joy.

We decided to go to Zhuravno to support children, give them a little love and attention. We also made a list of things that we consider necessary for children and would like to bring:

1. Sweets (children miss them and it brings great happiness);
2. Socks (for children of 6-14 years), because children run barefoot on the cold floor;
3. Used phones and sim-cards. Most children have relatives, with which they can't stay for various reasons, but would like to keep in touch;
4. Toys;
5. Tapes (0.5 cm, blue and yellow);
6. Headphones for listening to the radio and music;
7. Stationery.

If you would like to support us and help children, join the program! If you have items from the list, or others that you think might be useful for children and want to donate them, call us or e-mail on . You can also help donating money to our account.



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