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For the volunteers

As the proverb says - "Do good things - and good things will happen!"

We have already been able to make sure that volunteering is the most difficult, but also the most important job. Charity is based exactly on volunteer activities.

If you are honest, sincere and generous person who wants to help, ready to sacrifice your time for the good things, we will be glad to see you in command of the Foundation "Treasures of the Nation".

Job for volunteers


   - creating of banners (including animated ones);
   - modeling of outdoor advertising and printing.

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or any other graphical programs is required.


   - writing news and articles about the Foundation;
   - working with mass media;
   - letter composing.

SMM specialist:

   - administration and maintenance of groups in social networks;
   - promotion of the Foundation in the Internet and social groups.

Skills of SMM specialist, creativity and integrity are required.

Leaflets distributor:

   - distribution of leaflets of the Foundation in the streets and crowded places.

Driver with own car:

   - irregular cargo/passenger traffic.

If you wish to provide any other assistance, please contact us using information on the site, or through special contact form.


Let's do good things together!


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